My Dearest Friends in Media,

Including Journalists; Sales, Marketing, Technical professionals and everyone who are directly or indirectly involved with the media.

This is specially for media colleagues in Noida-Delhi NCR region.

This is an interesting letter as most of the content is already known to you but your “AntarAtma” is not letting you realise this.

Insights –

  • If you will speak to any media professional in Delhi NCR, he/she is cheated by a Builder.
  • If you do a survey on Fraud Builders in each city, then Noida is leading with highest margins.
  • Who are the buyers in Noida – a significant percentage of them are from Media.

I have always heard Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. Journalists are the flag bearers of this fourth pillar.

But now senior journalists (read Editors) – Twitter Gang

What are you doing?

Finding Honeypreet? – Let police do that and trust me they are a doing good job.

Modi – Half of you are his bhakts and rest are dead against him. Modi is going to stay for next 10 years so please stop analysing him now. He is a very strong leader and he doesn’t need any support.

I know News is out of the news channels now and Debate is the new trend.

Every Day, most of you questions what Govt, Police and bureaucrats are doing for the nation.

I am asking ‘What are you doing for the nation?’, forget nation what about your own colleagues who are cheated by the Builders? They die every day by paying EMIs and not getting their house.

It is under 25KM of your office.

Now don’t say what JP was doing is not known to you all from last five years. You all knew but then who cares for real journalism.

Please do small surveys in your office/Film City Noida – You will find thousands of your colleagues having problems with the builders. All are genuine issues. It is now affecting your community and their families.

I did my survey,

An ex-editor (high profile one) was cheated, a top RJ was cheated, a senior Journalist and a renowned anchor were cheated by these builders! These are very few big names and there is list of millions, who are not are even into name game.

Question is why you have not reported so far?

  • Leading News Channel did one series but there were no TRP – Now TRPs will decide the news
  • The Builder is an Advertiser – Please understand
  • The builder has a close relationship with the Promoters.

All this is mainly happening in Noida/Gurgaon.

Most of the channels have real estate shows or newspaper have special property editions.


There is a word called Fraternity. It is totally missing in the Media industry especially on the News side.

Most of your colleagues are from middle class and they buy a house for themselves and not for investment.

See even Politicians, IAS, IIMs, IITs – They also work for their Fraternity.


Journalist’s Reputation

These builders don’t even care about you. As per them Journalists are ‘Easiest to manage, Aukat hi kya hai inki, Ek Gift de denge and they will be happy’

There are increases in incidents against Journalists.

Most of the senior journalists will retire in 10-12 years. They are going to be a part of Journalism Books. My question to them is what have you contributed to the society or your own Fraternity?

Sir/Madam – This time your reputation is at stake.

If frauds and cheatings are happening under your nose (25Km of your office) then there is something really wrong.

Don’t be afraid of these Advertisers, Don’t be afraid of your promoters. Anyways all of you are very active on social media.

It’s high time to contribute towards your own colleagues’ cause. The Family of these colleagues are dependent on you.

Sometimes TRPs are not everything.

If you can’t stand for your professional colleagues, then one day you will be all alone and this Fraternity will not stand by you.


Twitter Star Journalist

I am 1000000% Sure – Not a single big Name – Rajdeep, Rahul, Arnab, Bajpai Sahab, Anjum, Satish, Anjana, Sudhir… Will even do a single show on this. They will not stand for the fellow colleagues

Sir/Madam ji, please speak to people in the News Room and you will find enough stories for the series. Trust me it is going to be a bigger scam than Coal/Telecom, where directly you or your colleagues’ families are suffering.


With Love,

Rohit Mahajan

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