September 2017, the Million Donor Project will hit the road in the fourth series of the Gift of Life Adventure. This time, the road to organ donation sign-ups will take Anil Srivatsa to every nook and corner of India (over 20,000 kilometres over the span of three months)

From the lofty peaks in Himachal Pradesh to the beaches of Kanyakumari and all that lies between, Drive India aims to start the dialogue in homes about organ donation across the Indian subcontinent.

The route covers not only major cities but also takes team GOLA through Indian back roads into the heart of rural India with the aim of educating

  • Educating people about organ donation and inspiring them to sign up using either an enhanced app and an IVR phone system.
  • Making a first-hand assessment of the challenges faced by men and women across the nation in relation to organ transplants

Drive India marks the 4th expedition in the Gift of Life Adventure series

GOLA 1: A week long cycling expedition in Spain 6 months post surgery to show that an organ donor and recipient can lead an active and healthy lifestyle

GOLA 2: A cross continental on-road expedition from India to Scotland to spread awareness about organ donation

GOLA 3: Drive from Italy to Oman to help the kick start the Million Donor

Project – The Gift of Life Foundation

The Gift of Life Foundation is a registered NGO that was founded in June 2017 by Anil Srivatsa and Harvinderjit Singh Bhatia. The GOLA Foundation serves in the field of medical, health, education and allied activities; identifying life-changing events in the lives of qualified individuals (predominantly women and children) or communities and fund the various interventions to ensure long term and short term positive outcomes for them. The events that fall in the realm of the said Trust include Organ transplants, Lifesaving Medical

procedures, Education, Mental health, Civic health and housing, Disaster and

refugee relief, Domestic violence rehab, Women and Child sexual abuse

intervention and rehab, Long term medical care, Govt. Policy advocacy, public

education and awareness



The GOLA Foundation aims to break the world record for the largest Organ

Donation Lesson (most people in attendance in one place). Guinness Book of

World Records, here we come.



In October 2017 to Jan 2018, TeamGOLA (Gift of life adventure) will embark on an inspiring 20000 km journey into the heartlands of India’s rural and small cities to spread the message of the Million Donor project. Some regions will hear about the concept for the first time in their lives and Team Gola would like to capture their intent and help them start a conversation with their families in multiple languages.

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