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 “CSR Leader of India” 2017 Vishal Bhardwaj 


Vishal Bhardwaj

Deputy Executive Director and Group Head, CSR,  Dalmia Bharat Limited.

“I have had the privilege to witness the transformation of CSR from being philanthropic to more of being strategic to businesses. To my mind that’s a very welcome shift. Before 2014, there weren’t many Boardrooms where CSR was listed amongst other business agendas, except for a few where it was passionately driven from the top. This now happens in a very large number of companies. With CSR roadmaps being integrated into the strategic blueprints of the companies, we are surely going to see some serious, innovative and impactful CSR initiatives in future.”





About Vishal Bhardwaj 

Vishal Bhardwaj is a Deputy Executive Director and Group Head, CSR, at Dalmia Bharat Limited. He has been in the social development and CSR circuit for the last 20 years and has worked with Government of India, a leading NGO and two leading cement companies before joining the Dalmia Bharat Group. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Diploma in CSR from the Swedish Institute of Management, Stockholm.

He has also undergone a Management Development Program at the SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. He is a Certified Sustainability Assessor of the CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for
Sustainable Development. He has been awarded the Responsible Business Leader Award at the Responsible Business Summit and has also been amongst the 100 most impactful CSR leaders (Global Listing) listed by
World CSR Day and World Sustainability.  “CSR leaders of India”