Kumar Anurag Pratap

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 “CSR Leader of India” 2017 Kumar Anurag Pratap




Kumar Anurag Pratap

CSR Leader,  Capgemini Technology Sevices India Limited

“The key for all corporates to maximize return from their CSR investment would be in drastic transformation from “sporadically investing resources here or there, leaving no significant impact behind” to formulating projects with identified outcomes and systems for measuring progress and results. While embarking on this journey, we must recognize that we do not just bring resources but also capacities and skills that enable all the stakeholders to spearhead social change in ways that are beyond the reach of both governmental and social sector organizations alone.”


About Kumar Anurag Pratap

Anurag brings with him more than 21+ years of diversified experience in CSR, community development, project management / implementation, grant management, capacity planning, and resource Management. At present he anchors CSR at Capgemini India. Over the past two decade, he has worked with grassroot agencies, donor agencies, UN Agency and Corporates.  In his present role, his focus is on designing an overarching strategy and charter for Capgemini CSR and for crafting relevant goals, policies for all programs, develop and manage the annual budget for CSR programs and operations, communication with and manage relationship with a broad set of stakeholders including Board, Location CSR committees and leadership, NGOs, Partner communities, Industry bodies and Local/ national level government agencies.

Under his leadership, Capgemini through its CSR investment reaches out to close to 7.5 lakhs people through interventions in Education, Employability and Environment. He is credited with initiating some of the innovative projects like Capgemini Girl Child Sponsorship Project, LEAP Skilling Academy, Capgemini School Adoption Projects, Digital Resource Centre on Environment, Decentralized Waste Management Project. Anurag has successfully designed, implemented and been a part of working groups and committees promoting and facilitating social development programming in Education, Skilling and Sustainability space and has represented Capgemini India at various forums on community development, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

His core competency lies in long term strategic planning & vision building among diverse stakeholder groups. He specializes in leading organisation towards change and transition management in social development space. On thematic front, he has managed multiple projects on Sustainable Livelihood, Employability, Agriculture, Rural Development, Disaster Mitigation, Sustainability, Environment and Women & Child Protection. Author of various articles on development issues and challenges, Anurag is also recipient of various awards and recognitions. He speaks frequently at various academic institutes, seminars and workshop on social development issues and strategies to address them.


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