Dr Meenu Bhambhani

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 “CSR Leader of India” 2017  | Dr Meenu Bhambhani 


Dr Meenu Bhambhani

Head – Corporate Social Responsibility -Mphasis

“There is a momentum both in terms of the quantum of amount spent and the number of companies spending on CSR. While the focus of a large number of companies continues to remain on education and healthcare, there also seems to be a focus on innovative practices and visibility of efforts. In the future, I see a trend moving towards creating impact at scale through incubation of social enterprises. A significant effort will also be invested in measuring and assessing impact of the money spent.”





About Meenu Bhambhani

Dr Meenu Bhambhani is a seasoned CSR and Development Sector Professional with close to 20 years’ of experience in creating inclusive solutions for the underserved and unrepresented communities. At Mphasis she has been leading Corporate Social Responsibility function for over 10 years now. She has played a pivotal role in institutionalizing CSR and aligning it with Mphasis core business and vision. Under her leadership, Mphasis CSR has received wide recognition both nationally and internationally including recognition by the President of India as the Best Inclusive Employer for Persons with Disabilities.

Her background in development sector is multifaceted: She is a person with disability herself, a professional in the area of human development with specialization in disability studies and social policy. Prior to joining Mphasis, Meenu spent 10 years working in diverse fields including teaching English Literature, implementing policies as Assistant Commissioner – Disabilities with Government of Rajasthan, consulting with the World Bank and advocating/spearheading policy advocacy for people with disabilities through a non-profit organization. She has been a researcher of disability studies and has published scholarly articles in renowned journals and publications. She has been widely recognized for her contribution to the field of CSR and disability inclusion. In 2008 and 2009, she was recognized by the CEO for her outstanding contribution to CSR. In 2010 she won the President’s National Award in the category of Best Individuals Promoting Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

Meenu holds a Ph.d in English Literature from University of Rajasthan, MS in Disability and Human Development from the University of Illinois at Chicago facilitated by a generous fellowship from International Ford Foundation.


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