Dr K.K. Updhyay

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 “CSR Leader of India” 2017  | Dr K.K. Updhyay 




Dr K.K. Updhyay

Advisor,  National Skills Foundation of India

“The new CSR law has made a big change, companies are integrating and internalizing CSR into their core business operations. A number of companies have done exemplary work in the area of CSR. The seed for undertaking socially-responsible initiatives have already been sown amongst the business enterprises.”






About Dr K.K. Updhyay

Dr. K. K. Upadhyay, an alumnus of Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience across government, not-for-profits and corporate.

He has pioneered several innovative successful models that exist in the development sector today; including Mother Dairy Fruits and Vegetable – “Safal”; an integrated rural water supply, sanitation project for 1000 villages and 10 towns in Rajasthan – “Aapni Yojana”; Bastar Integrated Development Project for Royal Danish Embassy and Health of the urban poor program for USAID/ PFI.

He has been an expert with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, was on board of National Trust, Jan Sthirta Kosh, Global Compact Network . He has conducted and commissioned research studies for USAID, UNDP and IIED London. Dr. Upadhyay headed the FICCI Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence. Currently he is Advisor with National Skills Foundation of India.


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