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Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept that integrates a company’s social concerns with their business operations. Corporate Social Responsibility has become an evolving and integrated industry today. With more than 31 lakh NGOs working towards this sector, and around Rs. 8300 crore being spent on CSR and related activities, it has become imperative for us as a media publication to cover stories related to CSR and strive to multiply the existing number of aware and alert citizens.

The objective of CSR TIMES is to provide a platform for the Corporate Houses and NGOs to showcase their CSR activities so that the initiative that they are taking for the society doesn’t remain confined to their internal newsletters. CSR TIMES covers multitude of areas including news, interviews, information, initiative, professional and social entrepreneurship. It also provides a much-needed platform for the Corporates and Individuals to highlight their contributions towards the welfare of society. is an online version of the magazine CSR Times. It is an initiative, which seeks to construct a microcosm of the aware reader, journalist and an integrated citizen to collectively contribute to active and responsible living. It is a medium, a place where every individual in the social sector can visit, discuss, opine and share his/her knowledge and experience.

It is an online information and news portal, driven towards the development sector providing CSR news, opinions, and detailed analysis on NGOs and Sustainability. strives to alleviate the dichotomy that exists between the corporate world and the social sector, between print media and online websites, building an ecosystem of inclusiveness in a paradigm where development becomes an indispensable strand.

Providing you with the best of both worlds, CSR Times and CSR collectively thrives to initiate responsible readership and awareness in society serving the same intended goal.

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